The Black Loyalists were mostly runaway slaves, who were offered their freedom by the British to serve in the British military against the Americans during the American Revolution. In 1783 and 1784, approximately 3500 Black Loyalists were relocated to the Maritimes (Nova-Scotia and New Brunswick). There was also a small number in Ontario. They were promised their freedom and land in British North America. However, as they pledged their allegiance to the British Crown, Black Loyalists faced many hardships due to racism. They were slow in receiving their land grants and when they received them after years, they were smaller in size and of poorer quality than their white counterparts. Black Loyalists demanded shelter, land and provisions in Nova-Scotia. After experiencing racial discrimination and unjust treatment, one-third of the Black Loyalists accepted the proposal to go to a new settlement in Africa, their ancestral homeland. In 1792, approximately 1200 Black Loyalists emigrated to Sierra Leone and established the colony of freedom. However, there are still many descendants of the Black Loyalists that can mainly be found in Nova-Scotia today.