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The Great Humbling is a series about victory and growth amidst one of the most intense moments in our history. We spoke with Black Ontarians about the ways they are navigating this time professionally and in some cases personally. Our aim is to contrast the painfully negative narratives being perpetuated in mainstream media, be it the horrors of police brutality, disproportionately high rates of Covid-19 cases and deaths, or continued and increased unemployment as we all observe the cracks in our economy. We also aim for this body of work to serve as a tool of empowerment to Black Canadian communities and to remind them of all the great work they’re able to accomplish.

Through conversation and curation of information, we aim to show the generations to come that all throughout 2020 and beyond, there were many Black Ontarians thriving, achieving their goals, creating positive impact and solutions to the challenges communities faced. 

The Great Humbling is a reminder of Black excellence, reflecting on the labour it took for us to not only reach Ontario, but to thrive while here. It is a re-commitment to take that excellence and serve our communities, to remember to uplift, and often hold hands with those who have experienced those age-old disproportionate outcomes of pain, oppression, and poverty. 

We wish to remind readers and our coming descendants, about our power, perseverance, ingenuity, and of our collective responsibility to one another, to make the very most of all the privileges we do have. 

We hope you enjoy reading! 

Is a student of Birth and Life, training with Doula Canada as a Birth and Post-Partum Doula. Her work centers around supporting parents and families in the journey of creating and/or maintaining a Village with strong networks to support the process of raising babies, children and youth.

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